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Whenever it young or old, slowly through illness or suddenly by accident.
Death is a difficult time for those left behind. Our aim is to take care of as many of the details of those first days as possible - providing the support and services you need, so you are free to share your grief and support one another. The funeral itself is an important occasion, and can play a major part in helping to come to terms with your loss and begin the grieving process. It is also a special time to receive the support and condolences of family and friends, and share memories of  the one who has gone. Our team of fully trained professionals considers it a privilege to be able to support you at this time. We pride oursleves on meeting the very personal needs of each family, taking care of the details, and helping you say your goodbyes in a special, meaningful way.

                              Initial Arrangement

Our initial arrangement is made either in the privacy of your home or our office. We generally make arrangements to transfer the deceased into our care and discuss the Funeral Arrangements. Both of these things usually happen within the first 24 hours. During this meeting one of our caring Funeral consultants will assist you decide on all of the many practical and celebratory aspects of the Funeral. A number of legal forms need to be completed. Examples of some of the decisions that need to be made include:

When and where will the Funeral be held?
Will vehicles be required?
Will there be a viewing?
Will the death and Funeral be advertised in the newspaper?
Will music be incorporated into the service?
Will there be an Order of Service or Life Review presentation? ( This is where Michelle's Heavenly Creations will assist you)

                          After the Arrangement

After the initial arrangements have been made we follow through on the various decisions that have been made. The many hours of planning we carry out is vital to ensuring the Funeral is  in accordance with your wishes. A number of follow up phone calls are usually made during this period, to confirm or clarify outstanding issues and details.

                   On the Day of the Funeral

On the day of the Funeral, you will meet  our experienced Funeral Conductor and staff who are  responsible
for coordinating all aspects of the service. The Conductor will  be the consultant who assisted you make the arrangements.
Our Conductor's primary focus is to ensure the service runs smoothly and that the day is as comfortable for you and your family as possible.

                             After the Funeral

Following the Funeral, as an extension of our services and care, we are available to answer any questions regarding the funeral. We are available for you and any family members.

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